Rotary Drilling Rig

Bauer drilling rigs has the most advanced modular system in rotary drilling. It reflects more than 30 years of job-site experience and the continuous advancement in design and manufacturing methods.

Multi-Purpose Drilling Rig

Our micropile and anchoring rigs are predominantly KLEMM as they are reliably designed for the most stringent drilling conditions. Every detail is well thought-out, perfected, high in quality, absolutely robust and contributes to the productive capability of the drill rig.

Heavy Duty Crawler Crane

We have a range of heavy duty crawler cranes offering a wide range of job scope and lifting capacities.

Drilling Tools & Foundation Equipments

We do have an extensive stock of rotary drilling tools that offer our clients a flexible and fast rental option.

Quality Machinery Brands

Consisting of rotary drilling rigs and crawler cranes are available for rent from Caldera Machinery.