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Caldera Machinery


The Core business of Caldera Machinery specialises in the rental and sale of heavy machinery in the foundation construction industry. Our product coverage consists of bored pile and anchoring machinery, heavy duty crawler cranes and equipment such as quality drilling tools and other foundation construction peripherals. Caldera Machinery consist of a team of individuals with vast knowledge and experience in each machinery, construction and geotechnical engineering areas; we complement each other to form a strong team that deliver results.

The construction industry has developed in many areas, especially in the technological enhancement in machinery. We strive to maintain a balance in value, reliability and performance; however we do not neglect environmental standards. We believe that technological enhancement is the future, which is why we support pro-technology brands like Bauer, KLEMM and Liebherr equipment.

Caldera Machinery strive to be the leading nationwide provider of foundation equipment and support to the foundation construction industry. We will consistently deliver premium equipment, establish ethical sales relationships and provide superior customer service.

Let us help you resolve your machinery requirement, so you can go on to build the future.

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